Gifts for Her

Congratulations you need look no further, you have found the answer to your conundrum, what to buy for that special gift for her. Gifts for women can be challenging to purchase unless you know the exact fragrance or clothing item, favourite chocolate, or even makeup brush set the recipient prefers. This gift, however, will be welcomed by any female virtually on the planet, and you will be guaranteed to have made the single best purchase you possibly could. Watch their eyes light up, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when giving a gift will be all yours to devour.


It's never easy finding the perfect gift for a woman one which she will be besotted with. The Oscar Charles make up brush set is the gift she will love to have in her life. Lovingly handcrafted by professional brush makers, this is the only set she will need to create a full face of makeup ready to start her day or to be prepared for that special occasion. A gift that is used daily is also a constant reminder of the fantastic person who purchased the gift.

Oscar charles gift for women
Imagine every single day the Oscar Charles brush set will be used, the super soft bristles effortlessly applying makeup to create the very best version of herself. The brushes are presented in a holder that can be used to store the bushes and is super versatile for transporting them for when you go on holiday, business trips etc. They are beautifully packaged in a gift box with black and gold Oscar Charles branding and come with a guide on what each brush is used for. The brushes are made from a hypoallergenic synthetic fibre, well worth a mention as they are 100 per cent vegan-friendly, not all make up brushes are, this in no way impacts on their functionality.

Oscar Charles Gift for Women

She will be amazed at the quality and beauty of her gift.

The quality and performance of any makeup brushes are is essential as this can make all the difference in how your makeup looks when applied. The Oscar Charles Luxfibre have been perfected to pick up just the right amount of product and give that airbrushed flawless finish. It will also mean you won't have to keep purchasing lots of makeup to achieve the look you want. It is also vitally important they do not shed hair, I'm sure we have all experienced that happening before, its not a good look.

Oscar Charles Professional 15 Piece Makeup brush Set

Oscar Charles Professional Makeup Brush Set

The Oscar Charles design team are continually working with industry experts to ensure our brushes are of the highest quality. The look and feel of a gift begin from the first moment someone receives it, the packaging and design of the product. Each item is quality checked to ensure your purchase is perfect.

This superb gift is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, mothers day, a great travel gift, thank you gift, get well gift, finishing exams gift, or an impromptu gift just because you are that kind of person who is thoughtful.

Your search is over for that ultimate makeup brush set, so pleased you found us.

The Oscar Charles Team
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