How to clean makeup Brushes


Makeup BrushesHow to clean my makeup Brushes

Please wash your make-up brushes frequently as they can help keep your face and skin clean and healthy.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a beauty enthusiast must do task. Your makeup Brushes should be cleaned regularly ideally every few weeks or every week if you use your brushes every day. As Oscar Charles brush fibres are none porous, this can help reduce the build-up of bacteria, even so after you have been using your brushes there is a build up of makeup debris that does need removing regularly.

1. You can use brush cleaner, normal shampoo, make-up removers and hand soap to clean the bristles of the brushes.

how do I clean makeup brushes 

2. Run the brush under lukewarm water to rinse off any excess make-up, holding the brush at a downward angle, so that water runs down the bristles rather than along the handle.

Cleaning your makeup brushes

3. Using make-up remover or hand soap, place a small amount onto the bristle and lightly massage it in. Then gently rub the bristle against the brush cleaner to remove the make-up product.


cleaning brush

4. Run the brush under water once again to rinse. Pull the brush out of the water and squeeze the bristles lightly between thumb and fore finger from the base to the tip to remove any excess water.


washing makeup brush

5. Lightly squeeze the brush bristles with a soft absorbent cloth, then leave to dry resting the brush on their sides until dry.


Drying Makeup Brushes

Repeat the process every few weeks.