The Best Makeup Brush Set

The Best Makeup Brush Set

Your first concern is to produce the perfect makeup look by enhancing your natural beauty and create flawless results. As we all know using the best tools at hand will help you to this goal. Your makeup brush set is a very important tool kit to help you in your daily routine. What are the best makeup brush sets? Please read below about the Oscar Charles Beauty set, which is a beautiful and stylish set at a great price.

Enhancing your natural beauty

At Oscar Charles, we have developed the best beauty and artist makeup brush set for applying your makeup. The Oscar Charles 17 Piece Beauty & Makeup Brush set is a stylish and elegant product that is complete with all the items you need to apply your makeup.

oscar_charles_17 Piece_beauty_&_makeup_set

The set has a comprehensive range of 15 piece makeup brushes design for the professional makeup artist and the beauty enthusiast. This luxury set includes a Luxury Makeup Blender, Face, and Eye Brushes and a Brush Cleaner, all beautifully presented in a stylish, portable case for keeping your brushes to hand, at home or when traveling.

Developed with a passion to enable you to create polished fl¬awless make up to produce stunningly gorgeous looks that will only enhance your already natural beauty. The brushes have a Luxurious soft feel and have been designed and handcrafted by industry experts. Made from Luxfiber vegan-friendly fiber, which is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types.


All Oscar Charles beauty sets have makeup brushes that have been expertly handmade to the highest standards.

What makeup brush designs should be in your makeup brush set?

Choosing your set of makeup brushes is a personal choice but, having a comprehensive set of makeup brushes can help you in your daily beauty routine to create that perfect look only enhancing your natural beauty. Please see below a list of makeup brushes that we suggest you consider for your tool kit

Super Soft Powder Brush – Perfect for applying loose and pressed powder for a seamless polished Look


Contour - Highlight Brush, extra soft luxurious highlighter with a tapered point to precisely sculpt and blend flawlessly


Angled Blush Brush - The slanted shape produces a will defined a sculpted look, use with cream, liquid or powder blush or bronzer


Flat Top Kabuki – A super silky supple dense bristle brush that quickly and flawlessly blends and buffs foundation, highlighters bronzers and concealers.


Flat Foundation Brush – Expertly angled to apply full coverage foundation for a seamless flawless finish.


Concealer Buff Brush – Flawlessly applies and blends concealer. Great for use around the eyes to conceal dark circles.


Small Blending Brush - Small tapered brush that precisely applies product into the crease of the eyes and blends seamlessly.


Large Blending Brush - Large fluffy brush with a tapered tip that blends eyeshadow, especially in the contour of the eye. Creates soft washes of color.


Large Eye Shadow Brush - Picks up perfectly the amount of shadow to beautifully blend to the lid


Small Eye Shadow Brush - Precise eye shadow brush produces professional results


Angled Eye Shadow Brush - Perfect for contouring and smudging in the corner, crease, or all over the eyelid


Angled Wing Liner Brush - A sharp clean edge to this brush will precisely craft perfect eyeliner wings


Detail Brush - Soft Smooth finely tapered brush for applying gel and liquid eyeliner with precision. Glides on the skin without dragging.


Lip Brush - A fine tipped and tapered brush specially designed for detailed lip color application


Angled brow & spoolie - A precise angled tip for application of brow color, powder or liquid. Stiff bristles to define or fill in the brow. The spoolie tames and evenly distribute the product


Using many different makeup brushes designs might sound complicated, but this will give you the ability to correctly apply your makeup products with confidence and joy.

The best hypoallergenic makeup brushes

The best hypoallergenic makeup brushes are made from Oscar Charles Luxfibre which is a synthetic fiber specially selected to effortlessly apply your makeup. Oscar Charles Luxfibre is more hygienic than real hair from animals, as natural hair has an irregular surface which can trap dead skin, bacteria, and chemicals. Read more about hypoallergenic makeup brushes on our Oscar Insights page


Oscar Charles Luxfiber is more hygienic than real hair from animals