Vegan Friendly Makeup Brushes

Oscar Charles Cruelty free makeup brushes

The demand for vegan makeup brushes has increased dramatically over the last few years. Many more people have become more aware of the availability of vegan products as we are more conscious of animal welfare and aim for a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Some manufacturers of makeup brushes are still using animal hair or are stating that their brushes are a synthetic natural blend, which is a mixture of animal hair and synthetic fibre, so they are still using animal hair. Most of the animal hair that is used is from animals are bred only for their hair, which some people find not acceptable today.

The cruelty-free alternative performs just as good and has the advantage of being more hygienic when regularly used. Synthetic Makeup Brush fibre is more hygienic than real hair from animals, as natural hair has an irregular surface which can trap dead skin, bacteria, and chemicals.

Vegan friendly makeup brushes perform just as good

Oscar Charles Vegan brushes are made from synthetic Luxfiber. The Luxfiber is a soft and delicate synthetic fibre derived from polyester which is pulled and reduced to a very fine point.  Oscar Charles Luxfiber is an extremely soft but strong fibre which performs perfectly to pick up and apply makeup.

Oscar Charles Vegan Friendly

What are the advantages of using Vegan Makeup Brushes?

Same performance as real animal hair makeup brushes

Hypoallergenic, as the fibres are synthetic, they are naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Synthetic Makeup Brush fibers are more hygienic and easier to clean

They do not shed their fibre

If you are vegan or just animal then vegan friendly makeup brushes are a must for you to have in the makeup tool kit. Rest assured that Oscar Charles Makeup Brushes are Vegan friendly and are of the best possible quality.