What are the best type of makeup brushes to use?

oscar charles what type of makeup brush

What Type of Makeup Brush?

You might be new to makeup or just need to know more about what type of makeup brush to use and what is the best makeup brush for applying your makeup. At Oscar Charles, we are here to help you understand more about what brush you should be using.

"different sizes and shapes of makeup brush"

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of makeup brush that cover so many uses that for a beginner this can be a little daunting and difficult to know which makeup brush to use. Please read below as we have outlined which brushes you will need and what their intended uses are.

"gain more knowledge and experience"

When you have a better understanding of what different types are available this will help you produce that flawless beauty look.

There are a few different areas where you can gain more knowledge and experience about which makeup brushes to use, for example, there are many videos from makeup artists on youtube that have informative and entertaining makeup tutorials. Just search "how to apply makeup" in the youtube search bar, you will see there are lots of very good informative guides.

There are differing opinions of how many make up brushes you need in your beauty tool kit. It is possible to produce beautiful flawless looks with 4 or five brushes, where you use the same brush for a variety of purposes. This has its limitations and you could find that you are restricted in the application of your makeup. As you will see most makeup artists have an array of brushes to help them precisely apply the makeup in the most appropriate way. Well, you do not have to have 25 to 30 types of brushes, but we recommend about Ten to fifteen different brushes and not to forget the Beauty blender that is part of the Oscar Charles beauty sets. The beauty blender is one most favourite beauty tools that a beauty enthusiast has in their tool kit.

Oscar charles face model
When you have a better understanding of what different types are available this will help you produce the flawless beauty look.

"the flawless beauty look"

Please read below, we have a great range of pro-quality Vegan-friendly makeup brushes. You will see below each photo of each make up brush a helpful description and guide of what you can use the particular brush for. Enjoy!

Super Soft Powder Brush

Super Soft Powder Brush - Perfect for applying loose and pressed powder for a seamless polished look.  The brush should have long soft and fluffy bristles to apply your powder 

Developed to achieve silky smooth application of loose and pressed powder. The Oscar Charles Powder brush will produce perfect results every time. A beautifully hand-crafted brush with vegan-friendly fibres.

Swirl the brush into your chosen powder makeup and buff and blend onto the face until your desired coverage is achieved.

oscar charles powder brush supper soft

Contour & Highlight Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Contour & Highlight Makeup Brush -  has been handcrafted by our industry expects in vegan-friendly fibre, which is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

Extra soft, this luxurious highlighter with tapered point precisely sculpts and blends for a flawless finish.

The must-have beauty tool that will enhance and highlight your best features 

Oscar Charles highlight contour tapered makeup brush

Angled Blush Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Angled Blush Makeup Brush is the perfect accessory to apply your blusher, it gives your face the illusion of a natural lift, providing a younger and fresher appearance.

Luxuriously soft and crafted from vegan-friendly fibres, the brush is angled to perfectly fit the contours of your cheeks producing exquisite results every time.

oscar charles angled blush makeup brush slanted sculpted

Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush 

Oscar Charles Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush is a silkily supple, dense bristle brush that quickly and flawlessly blends and buffs foundation, highlighters, bronzers and concealers.

The Flat Kabuki Brush is ideal for smoothing liquid, powder and cream-based products onto the skin for a flawless finish.

oscar charles flat top kabuki buff foundation makeup brush

Flat Foundation Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Flat Foundation Makeup Brush is expertly angled to apply full coverage foundation for a seamless finish.

The flat dense bristles are ideal for applying liquid and cream foundations for a smooth, flawless base.

Produced from vegan-friendly fibres, the flat curved head reaches every area of the face with precision.

oscar charles foundation full coverage makeup brush 

Concealer Buff Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Concealer Buff Makeup Brush is the must-have tool to quickly conceal imperfections. This innovative makeup brush applies and blends concealer and correction makeup

Luxuriously soft and smooth, it is designed to buff the perfect amount of coverage around the eyes and conceal fine lines and thread veins across the cheeks.


oscar charles concealer buff blends applies makeup brush

Small Blending Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Small Blending Makeup Brush is a pro performance blending brush for precise eyeshadow application

This brush is the must-have tool for performing detailed eyeshadow artistry, so producing perfect transitions from light to dark.

oscar charles small blending brush tapered


Large Blending Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Large Blending Makeup Brush is the professional makeup artist’s favourite tool. A soft, fluffy brush with a tapered tip that perfectly blends eyeshadows, especially in the contour of the eye. This brush creates a beautiful, soft washes of colour.

The perfect eyeshadow brush for everyday use. Vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic


oscar charles large blending brush fluffy


Large Eye Shadow Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Large Eye Shadow Makeup Brush is designed to apply and blend eyeshadow perfectly to give a luxe smokey appearance.

Handcrafted from vegan-friendly fibre bristles, with soft round edges and a perfectly flat surface to smooth eyeshadow for a crease-free finish.


oscar charles large eye shadow makeup brush

Small Eye Shadow Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Small Eye Shadow Makeup Brush is the perfect eyeshadow tool to create impressive professional results.

The luxuriously dense and flat fibres are crafted to create a perfect smoky eye.


Oscar charles small eye shadow makeup brush

Angled Eye Shadow Makeup Brush

Oscar Charles Angled Eye Shadow Makeup Brush is the ultimate tool for contouring and smudging. The angled and rounded bristles make applying eyeshadow in the crease and corner of the eye a dream.

This special brush is crafted with dense but soft bristles to apply shadow smoothly and evenly.


oscar charles angled eye shadow makeup brush


Angled Wing Liner Brush

Oscar Charles Angled Wing Liner Brush has a sharp clean edge to precisely trace and craft eyeliner wings along the upper lashes.

This brush is perfect for anything that needs a defined straight edge, as the bristles are formed very flat and firm with an angled edge.

Made from vegan-friendly bristles. Hypoallergenic

oscar charles angled wing liner brush